Business Project

Goal of written paper

The general aim of the business project is to respond professionally to a real-world management problem. The business project focuses on the situation of the firms in which the MBA students work and how their business project fits into the development strategy of the company.

Through the project, the MBA students will work on an issue of direct relevance to their organization. The emphasis is on realistic, practical proposals which will have an impact on their organization’s future strategy.

This project can be used as a pilot project for the final master thesis that the MBA students must write at the end of their study. Outcomes vary, depending on the project scope. In one situation an MBA student may generate a focused sales plan, in another suggest key areas for clients to examine in further work.

This module accounts for 8 ECTS


The projects may concern any subject studied or re-searched at the ISBM. Typically, a company project is research, report, survey, operational plan, benchmarking or process description. In the business project the students in groups must analyze and compare their own projects and firms with other MBA students’ projects and firms.

Most students are already familiar with various business disciplines through course work; however, the interdisciplinary use of this knowledge and the capacity to translate it into practical solutions is very often a new challenge.

The business project permits students to combine theory and practice – they learn how to formulate a project proposal and relevant research questions, analyze factors, develop recommendations and ultimately find solutions to the problem.