Norway Grants

Through the Norway Grants and EEA Grants, Norway contributes to reducing social and economic disparities and to strengthening bilateral relations with the beneficiary countries in Europe. Norway cooperates closely with the EU through the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA).

For the period 2009-14, Norway’s contribution is €1.7 billion. Grants are available for NGOs, research and academic institutions, and the public and private sectors in the 12 newest EU member states, Greece, Portugal and Spain. There is broad cooperation with Norwegian entities, and activities may be implemented until 2016.

Key areas of support are environmental protection and climate change, research and scholarships, civil society, health and children, gender equality, justice and cultural heritage.

ISBM is involved in the project Creation of Teaching Methods in Lifelong Learning Programmes (NF-CZ07-ICP-1-0302014, see There are lectors of ISBM (doc. PhDr. Ing. Eva Jarošová and prof. Ing. Ivan Nový, CSc.) and department of managerial psychology and sociology (Ing. Hana Lorencová, Ph.D. a Ing. Kateřina Půbalová) cooperating on the project. The Norwegian partner is Sogn og Fjordane University College, see

The goal of the project is strenghtening of the cooperation between VŠE and Norwegian partner university by sharing materials, advancement and experience. Especially by sharing the experience and mutual research project will be created a syllabus for scientific writing skills course. The length of the project is one year, with the beginning in September 2014.

The project was supported from EHP and Norway Grants – Program Spolupráce škol a stipendia (CZ07). The contact person is doc. PhDr. Ing. Eva Jarošová (


May 15 – 20 Visit to partner institution Sogn og Fjordane University College

There was a visit in May to partner institution Sogn og Fjordane University College in Norway made by doc. PhDr. Ing. Eva Jarošová and Ing. Hana Lorencová, Ph.D. The visit programme was discussing survey results and the Scientific Writing Course syllabus. Also the meeting was held on so far development of the research and its further direction.

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June 14        Acquaintance of Faculty Officials with research progress

Presentation of research development and up to now survey research to Faculty Officials of Faculty of Business administration – attending by Dean of the faculty prof. Ing. Ivana Nový, CSc. and Vice-Dean for Science and Research doc. Ing. Mgr. Martina Lukeš, Ph.D. There were presented other members of the Department of Managerial Psychology and Sociology.

June 15        Workshop

Workshop was held during Course for Young Teachers where were presented survey results to PhD. students and other lecturers interested in the research topic.