Term Paper – Research Assignment

The goal of this course is to write one, 12 to 15 page (max 20 pages), and research paper. The skills that papers demand (writing, research, and the synthesis of material into a coherent whole) are extremely valuable also for the final thesis. The paper discusses the methodology that is either implicit or specific in some article or book chapter that the MBA student reads for a social science course. Methodology is the views on confirmation, explanation, theory choice, the goals of science, and the objectivity of science, the relations between theory and observation, and so forth. Students have to learn how to research and investigate, synthesize, organize, analyse, clarify, examine the broader context, select, and adopt.

The Term paper should consist of:

  • Introduction to science theory and research methods
  • Topic choice, rationale statement, and initial bibliography
  • Thesis statement and annotated bibliography
  • Refined thesis, revised topical outline (initial paragraph) and paper outline
  • Conclusion


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