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1.6.2018 - 2.6.2018 - Course Business Valuation 3BS312A

14.9.2018 - 15.9.2018 - Course Management Basics 3BS011A

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Academic Psychological Counselling

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Are you a foreign student coming to study to the Czech Republic? Study abroad may be associated with challenges in terms of adaptation to a new environment, cultural adjustment or homesickness.
In counselling we observe not only the differences but also similarities which help the successful adaptation.
We are happy to support you during your stay in the Czech Republic and you are welcome in our Academic Psychological Counselling. The counselling centre opening times are here. The visit is for free and anonymous and you do not need to make an appointment in advance.

If you wish to make an appointment, you can contact directly Matej Hochel, Lic. en Psícologia, room RB 303, email: