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12.5.2017 - 13.5.2017 - Course Applied Statistics 3BS033A

26.5.2017 - 27.5.2017 - Course Business Ethics 3BS043A

9.6.2017 - 10.6.2017 - Course Legal Environment 3BS041A

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Besides the educational programmes, International School of Business and Management at the Faculty of Business Administration, University of Economics, Prague offers consulting in the field of key business areas such as:

  • Strategic management
  • HR management
  • Financial planning
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Managerial Responsibility and Business Ethics
  • Taxation and Auditing
  • IT Management

We offer wide spectra of analyses focused on your business evaluation to increase its prosperity and competitiveness.

For more information, contact us.