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18.12.2017 - 1.2.2018 - Examination Period



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The MBA Program is accredited by the European accreditation body FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) since 2009.

The successful re-accreditation took place in 2014 and is valid until the end of winter semester 2020/21.

FIBAA is a European, internationally oriented agency for quality assurance and quality development in higher education located in Germany.

FIBAA evaluates the following five key issues:fibaa

  • Objectives and positioning of the study program
  • Admission standards and procedure
  • Contents, Structure and didactical concept of the study program
  • Academic environment and framework standards
  • Quality assurance, quality development and documentation

In all those areas FIBAA puts a special focus on internationality, employability and economic relevance.

FIBAA Accreditation